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30 May

I had my second breast MRI today.  I wasn’t expecting the results until Monday or Tuesday. But, my surgeon called me and told me that the MRI shows that my cancer is shrinking and that I am responding well to the treatment.  This means that I am now half way done with the chemotherapy.  At least as far as we know.  Chemo comes in many different cocktails, they combine what they think will work best with your cancer.  But, sometimes, the first choice doesn’t work and then you have to try something else – which means more chemo rounds.

So I am really relieved.  I have three more treatments to go.  Then surgery.  Monday my surgeon and my oncologist will discuss my case and make recommendations as to when I should have surgery.  But, all is truly going well.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support!  Please keep praying for me as I am not through this yet, but it is so great to have some good news!

MRI Tomorrow

29 May

Tomorrow I am having my second breast MRI. I am nervous about it as it will tell us whether the chemotherapy I am getting is working. Kind of a scary thought to think that it might not be. So, say some prayers, send some good thoughts out my way tomorrow. I will have the MRI tomorrow morning. I will get the results on Monday or Tuesday.

My next chemo round is scheduled for June 4th. But, I don’t know if I will be having that round or not yet – not until we get the results of the MRI. If the cancer is shrinking, then I will keep going with the chemo (having three more rounds, each every 21 days). I hope this is what I get to do. Well, because that means that everything is working well and I am responding well to the treatment.

As far as how I am feeling – other than being nervous for tomorrow and the results next week – I am feeling really pretty good. I walked a mile this morning (try to do that everyday now).  And, I have been able to work a lot since my third chemo (not something that I was able to pull off after the first two really).

The weird thing is that while I can do many things, there are little things that I can not – like open a water bottle, or most any screw top, or grasp certain things, or use a can opener. Another example, I can’t put sheets on my bed – the bottom sheet is impossible for me to get on. I don’t have this problem every day, just some. It starts right after the chemo and lasts a week or two. But, it gets increasingly better the further out I get from the last chemo round. It is just weird. The good thing is that it is temporary.

Well, hopefully the MRI brings good news!