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Feeling better . . .

18 Sep
The baseball diamond of the San Diego Padres' ...

One of my favorite baseball stadiums - Petco Park

What a great day. Last night I didn’t sleep much at all, was up again until about 4 am (5 am the night before). So, I am pretty tired. But, I had such a nice day.

I followed instructions and stayed still for most of the day. And, my friend Andrea took me to a hair stylist. It was very nice. I really like the color and it feels so much more like me . . . getting rid of some of my hair was a really good thing. Sections of my hair were still really coarse from the post-chemotherapy growth. It came in coarse. Now that is all gone and it really feels like my old hair . . . just a lot shorter. The stylist spent a lot of time with me. And, Andrea, she gave up half of her day (on her own birthday weekend no less) to make me feel good. Pretty darn nice. I will post pictures soon of the new hair do. I am looking so tired right now . . . so I am waiting until I have had some rest before I take a picture and post it.

So, other than the hair styling/coloring outing I have been in bed resting, watching DVDs and yes, I even got in a nap today!  Unheard of for me – I seem to be completely unable to sleep during the day – despite the fact that I haven’t slept the night before. But, today I was able to get in a little bit of sleep.

I am not very good at the whole laying in bed thing . . . especially when there are things to do . . . and there are always things to do. But, when my doc/surgeon told me that I needed to . . . well, I am not completely stupid (even if it was my stupidity in the first place that may have caused the problem . . . running last Tuesday). My doctor was so nice about it, I told her what I did and she said, “No, don’t worry about it, I am a runner and I understand, you just want to do it . . . but, let’s agree no more until after surgery . . . ”


My surgeon called it the “running incident”.  Of course, let’s give credit where credit is due: I wouldn’t have had a “running incident” if I had not first had the “over-expansion-of-my-radiated-skin-incident”. My prior surgeon over expanded me to the point that my skin became torn. This caused all of the trouble in the first place . . . but, it was a true blessing in disguise as it paved the way for me to get into Cedars Sinai with Dr. Sherman (who is AMAZING).

Anyway, I am happy to report that the rest and, I think the antibiotics my doc put me on, are doing the trick. There is less swelling under my arm and no more heat (the skin over my “boob-like” structure – the skin over the expander – was pretty warm the past couple of days, possible sign of infection).

Tomorrow I am going to walk to the end of my block to see my friend’s boy play in his first year of little league (there is a baseball diamond at the end of my street, actually there are two on my street). I love baseball. And, a very good friend of mine is coming by to visit me in the afternoon. But, it is already decided . . . feet up, resting, DVDs . . . rest, rest, rest.

Next week is pretty crazy. Monday, I have to make my way up to Cedars Sinai (haven’t quite figured that out yet as I am not driving right now). Tuesday I see my radiation oncologist, Wednesday it is pre-op testing (EKG etc.). Thursday back up to Cedars Sinai to see Dr. Sherman for my pre-op and Friday down to San Diego to see a client. It is a busy week before surgery to be sure. Monday the 27th is coming up on me fast!

So relieved to be feeling a bit better.

I will continue to rest as it seems to be helping a lot.

Love and peace,