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Have a listen if you like . . .

11 Jun

“Danny Boy”:

“Amazing Grace” (two part “harmony” – two Lisas :)):

A couple of years ago, (before all of this cancer nonsense), my Mom asked me to sing “Danny Boy” and record it for her. I did, along with “Amazing Grace”. I don’t know the technical stuff on how to do this and I didn’t work out harmonies for Amazing Grace very well, just kind of threw it together quick because she asked.

Anyway, I thought I would share it here now. Especially since my singing voice has changed a bit since the radiation. It isn’t awful, I just don’t have the same voice or ability (not that I had some incredible ability anyway, but, it is just different now). It may come back and it may not, I am happy with what I have got . . . time to shut up and post a couple of songs . . . 🙂

Much love and peace,

Treatment Day

9 Mar

Hi All,

Today was a treatment day – my Herceptin treatment. So tired now. But, glad it is over with. My parents will be coming over in a few hours (meanwhile, I am going straight to bed). My folks will spend the night so as to look after me tomorrow. I generally do not feel to well after the Herceptin treatment. I am hoping that tomorrow will not be too rough. But, we’ll see how it goes.

I have a lot of tests coming up prior to surgery (pre-op stuff and then other things – a biopsy, an ovarian ultrasound, bone scan, echocardiogram – it seems like everyday is booked with this kind of stuff). I spent yesterday scheduling it all, trying to make sure that I don’t schedule too much for one day, one week etc.

I am going to physical therapy as much as possible right now to make as much progress between now and surgery. I have what they call a “frozen shoulder” (right shoulder). Since my surgery this month will involve the left side, I need to get as much increased range of motion out of my right arm/shoulder so that I will have good mobility after surgery.

This surgery is supposed to be much easier physically than what I have already been through – I certainly hope so. Plus, the last surgery was on the heels of chemotherapy, so I was not at my best physically. I am much stronger now and so hopefully that will help me get through this next surgery and recovery smoothly.

Well, that’s all for now. I am beat. Going to bed and hoping for a good day tomorrow.

Love and peace,


As Promised . . . “Dukie’s Rag”

23 Feb

Hello All,

As promised, here is the video of my Dad playing one of his original compositions – “Dukie’s Rag”. He wrote it a few years back for my Mom. Just as a bit of background, my Dad was a concert pianist, classically trained. He is, to this day, an amazing pianist and composer. He plays virtually anything – from Rachmaninoff and Chopin to Gershwin and jazz to his own music compositions (which is wide ranging, from the piece I am sharing here to classical pieces and most everything in between). Music and art have played a huge role in my life. I have been so fortunate to have been exposed – on a daily basis – to art and music all during my childhood. My Mom, a painter and my Dad a musician, I really had a wonderfully unique childhood – at least I think so.

Music has saved me a number of times and it is certainly saving me now. It is in me and it is often how I am able to rise above a painful time. It’s hard to explain, but I guess music, for me, has real healing powers – simply in the way it can lift me up. And, there is nothing better than live music. And, of course, my favorite musician of all time is my Dad.

This video was taken just yesterday, at my brother Steve’s down in San Diego where we celebrated his birthday. Sorry for the background noise, it was after all, a party. Also, the poor videotaping was done by me – I had a pretty good sized labrador retriever at my feet constantly trying to get me to throw a ball for him, so that led to some of the choppy or bouncing tape here. But, the music is great!


A day at the beach, one year later . . .

20 Feb

One of the things I did while spending part of the day at the beach

Kale, Beautiful Kale

16 Feb

Above: Foods I have not eaten in over a year, and definitely no fast food, fried food, and I went mostly organic. Confession: went almost a year without any refined sugar, only occasional honey, once in a great while, (not a big deal as I am not into sweets much). Then, in the past couple of weeks I broke that rule and had lemon meringue pie twice in the same week and some chocolate here and there too, bad girl 🙂 In my defense: My oncologist up at UCLA told me to live a little . . . 🙂

One of my new "fast foods" - Chopped Kale Salad - (my own creation) ingredients: organic chopped kale, organic hearts of romaine lettuce (takes some of the bitterness of the Kale out), wild salmon, organic green beans all chopped up & mixed in with balsamic dressing, prep time, about 15 min.

Me and Dad Playing at Bistro 400

15 Feb

This was, I think, the last time we played at the Bistro 400 – it was last summer and I was about 2/3 of the way through chemo, bald, but with a loaned hat. We had only tried out these two songs the night before at home, but decided to do them anyway – even though I didn’t know the words, what the heck. That is one of the things cancer gives you – the courage to not care what others think. Even though it wasn’t rehearsed or practiced – so what, it was fun. The first song is “Frim Fram Sauce” and the second is “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You”

Hope to get out to do it again soon.