Bill Keller’s Cowardly Measures

14 Jan

First of all, I am still speechless after reading Bill Keller’s NYT op-ed. There are so many things with which to take issue I don’t know where to begin. There is the fact that he (and his wife) decided to attack personally a woman for whom so many of us have intense and great admiration for – Lisa Boncheck Adams. And there are all of the completely ignorant statements that he makes about cancer, about being a patient, about so much. I only know what I know about cancer from my own personal experience and that of my friends and family who have had to endure the disease. And, I have experienced the loss of those who have not outlived cancer. I won’t say not survived it, and I won’t say they “lost their battle” . . . I hate that language in the cancer world. But, to each their own.

So, while I do not know where to begin, or how I could possibly ever address every point of Bill Keller’s op-ed that I find to be abhorrent, mind-blowingly ignorant, simply incorrect, wrong, factually not supported ANYWHERE, arrogant mischaracterizations of woman who has been incredibly transparent (so why can’t you – BILL – even read her blog correctly – clearly you haven’t – your words make that obvious), mind boggling, blood boiling – I will say this, because I HAVE to say something:

Bill apparently thinks we are all supposed to die in accordance with Bill’s approved, go quietly into the night, disappear, don’t educate, don’t have feelings, don’t be yourself, don’t do what is important to you, plan. Whatever Bill. I love the internet because when someone is as undeniably stupid as Bill Keller (and his wife – they SO deserve each other), it becomes a storm. And he thought the weather on the East Coast was bad…

I am so proud of my online friends who have taken him on. I know they share my anger and disbelief at what the Keller’s have done. But, they are able to do something I can’t right now – and that is to WRITE and write ELOQUENTLY and THOUGHTFULLY and PROFOUNDLY about all of what is wrong with what the Keller’s have done. I am still at the childish, angry, name calling stage . . . perhaps next week . . . after I recover from tomorrow’s fifth cancer related surgery (don’t worry – this one is for reconstruction purposes – hoping for good results, but just grateful that this will most likely be the last surgery in the series).

Much love and peace (and yes, disgust),


P.S. I appreciate any prayers, positive vibes you can send my way – hoping for a good surgery, good result and quick recovery – got lots to do!


5 Responses to “Bill Keller’s Cowardly Measures”

  1. Lonnie Myklebust January 15, 2014 at 2:14 AM #

    Insightful posting. I appreciate your raw and real analysis.

    Best wishes for a successful surgery. Prayers and love from Norway.

    • cancerfree2b January 15, 2014 at 3:25 AM #

      Thank you Lonnie!

      I think I may have stepped in it a bit here. But, what struck me so about Bill Keller’s op-Ed was that (to me) he seemed to be declaring the right way and the wrong way to live with metastatic cancer. And his reference to Lisa “dying out loud” sent me over the edge I think. First of all she is LIVING and second he completely misses the mark in characterizing Lisa as having used or embraced the warrior and war metaphors. I definitely had (and still go) a very visceral reaction to his piece (and to his wife’s).


      Thank you for your comment and especially for the positive wishes for my surgery…now just a few hours away 🙂

      All the best,

  2. tw January 18, 2014 at 3:14 AM #

    Sending hugely positive thoughts for your surgery and recovery

  3. Cancer Curmudgeon January 18, 2014 at 3:41 PM #

    Hope you are doing well with your surgery, thinking of you!


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