Thank you for visiting cancerland. We hope you enjoyed your stay.

5 Oct

Some Awareness: What I was not aware of until I went through breast cancer myself – how long it would take to recover (and would I ever really recover): the above post was written 20 months after I was diagnosed. I am re-posting it now because it reminds me of how long recovery took and that 20 months out I was still struggling and fighting. I am now 4 1/2 years out. Back then (November of 2010) I marveled at how far I had come and how far I felt I still needed to go . . . sometimes I still do the same to this day. It is a good thing. I am so very, very grateful today.


I haven’t written in a while. I keep starting a blog post, even get quite a distance into it, but, then I stop, save it as a draft and put my laptop away. When I return to it the next day I am no longer “there” anymore and so I start over, writing about something else. I have nearly posted something on a number of topics in the past couple of weeks. But, I just can’t seem to put myself behind it long enough to get it done.

Lately, I either write because I feel particularly down, displaced by this cancer nonsense, and use writing as a vehicle to somehow transport me back to a better spot or I write because I want to share something really good.

I think the past several weeks I have had so many highs and lows and have so quickly felt tossed back and…

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