The limbo that is survivorship . . . well, at least I can cook . . .

24 Aug

I came across this post from some time back about survivorship and the limbo of it all. I was struck by the fact that I was cooking so much back then. I am reposting this again to simply remind myself that a) I CAN cook (so I have NO excuse for letting that go for the most part lately) and b) I am much better these days than I was back then, except that I was a better cook 🙂


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are nearly 12 million cancer survivors in the United States. That is a pretty big number. The CDC defines a cancer survivor as “anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, from the time of diagnosis through the balance of his or her life”.

According to this definition, I was a “survivor” the same day I became a cancer patient. I sure didn’t feel like one.

There are many definitions of survivor. The CDC’s definition seems to be the most broad. But, regardless of how “survivor” is defined, survivorship care is something that seems sorely lacking. While survivorship care is a hot topic for blog posts, books on life after cancer, and websites like Livestrong and the Mayo Clinic’s website, there seems to be a disconnect between what you see online or in print and what you actually get from your doctor. Obviously…

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