Pieces of Me: Life After Cancer So Far . . .

24 Aug

Just reread this post from some time back and realizing how far I have come and how grateful I am today. 🙂


I just finished teaching 8 weeks of classes. It was intense and demanding and it was the first time teaching this course since I finished treatment for breast cancer. When I was first diagnosed, I was not sure I would ever finish treatment, survive this long, go back to work, or ever feel better. Teaching was hard. But, I am back.

I am, piece by piece, attempting to get my life back.

I remember joking with a friend of mine this time last year after he remarked how it was good to see me still in one piece . . . I laughed and told him that it was “the piece that was still left”. (After all there had been surgeries and parts removed).

I thought it was very funny at the time. I know some of my friends thought it was odd that I made fun of my disease. But, it was…

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