The first day of the rest of my life . . .

1 Feb
Dinner in Santa Monica . . .

Dinner in Santa Monica . . .

I have graduated back to seeing my oncologist every six months again. Progress. During my last visit it was changed back to “Let’s see you back here in a couple of months and then we’ll see…”

It felt like a set back at the time. And what is so crazy about all of this cancerland-post-cancerland-landscape is that the first time I graduated from seeing my oncologist from every three months to every six months…I nearly lost it…the idea of not having a net…as if seeing her would somehow prevent the cancer from coming back…this from a person who prior to cancer hardly took an aspirin and saw a doctor once a year because…well you’re supposed to do that…but for no other reason.

Maybe it was because I had become so used to the, at first weekly appointments, with not just one oncologist…but sometimes two (my insurance provided oncologist was an idiot and nearly killed me…but I had to see him to get chemo and Herceptin locally).

My first “every six months” appointment was kind of scary to accept. In fact, I didn’t actually accept it…I asked if we couldn’t just go from every three months, to every four…and my oncologist (also affectionately known as “the rockstar”) smiled and said, “Tell you what…we’ll split the difference and make it five months” 🙂 And so it went.

But now I am grateful for the “every six months” status . . . and celebrating this little milestone…this little piece of progress that creates a little more peace in my life.

And there are other reasons for peace re-entering my life…

For now, I am just going to share that I am celebrating…everything…and purging…at least, as much as possible, the concept of fear.

At, least, for another six months…

Much love and peace and many thanks for your prayers,


P.S. I do have a breast MRI on the calendar (well, to be put on my calendar) but, it is routine and only being ordered because it is time to have it done. So, for now, all is good and I am celebrating.

And yes…I am having tiramisu…


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  1. The Accidental Amazon February 2, 2013 at 11:47 AM #

    😀 Enjoy!


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