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A Very, Very Sad Monday . . .

6 Feb

The breast cancer world, and the world in general, has lost two amazing women in two days.

Here are the links to their blogs:

Rachel of  The Cancer Culture Chronicles and Susan of Toddler Planet

We really do need to “race for a cure”. I am so very, very sad today. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these two remarkable women.

Please send your prayers out their way too.

Peace and love and hope,


No Help For the Poor and No RACE for the cure(TM) . . .

2 Feb
English: Nancy G. Brinker. Chief of Protocol o...

There once was a disease that killed many,But, then big pink cured it with money.Oh, wait that’s not true,It still kills me and you.Does Brinker think me a big dummy?(I wrote this snarky limerick last year, but, thought it fit for today . . . Nancy Brinker is proving she is more about politics than women's health.

I wish I did not have to work today. I wish I did not have to work at all this week or next. Because if I didn’t have to work, I would spend every minute of my time responding to The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s latest and greatest (and by far their most transparent move ever): pulling the plug on funding to Planned Parenthood.

But, unfortunately I do have to work today. So here are a few links to former posts that shed a little light on what Komen is, in my opinion, and the opinion of many others . . . truly about. Also, please see below for what Breast Cancer Action says about Komen’s latest move and please, please, please sign their petition (you will find a link to it at the bottom of this post).

Please check these posts out:

An absolute MUST read: A post about where Komen’s money really goes by The Cancer Culture Chronicles: Komen by the Numbers (check out the pie chart on where SGK’s money goes . . . it is a real eye opener).

My post on how SGK abandons breast cancer patients during their time of greatest need. Another post of mine (simply because I like the title of it: When Pigs Fly)

Another post of mine about Nancy Brinker’s toxic perfume and her refusal to take it off the market after the toxic chemicals (chemicals linked to causing cancer) were made public by an independent lab who tested the “Promise Me” perfume.

And here is a post showing just how little of the purchase price of Komen’s Promise Me Perfume actually goes to ANYTHING by Katie Ford Hall at Uneasy Pink 

And if you are interested in some poetry, here’s some of my Komen inspired poetry.

Like I said, I wish I had all day, all week, all month . . . I wish I had all year to spend on this nightmare of a fraud that Komen has become.

Please see what Breast Cancer Action has to say about Komen’s latest funding cut:

“Women’s healthcare is under assault once again. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is pulling all funding for Planned Parenthood, an outrageous decision that threatens women’s access to vital health services. But what’s particularly concerning is this funding cut will impact underserved communities most . . . Planned Parenthood provides vital health services including screening, clinical exams, referrals for ultrasounds and biopsies, and breast health education, often to women who do not otherwise have access to healthcare. One in 6 women of reproductive age get their healthcare through Planned Parenthood.

We believe all women should have access to the same healthcare. The care a woman receives should not be based on the type of insurance or financial resources that she has or does not have access to—or political agendas. Women’s health is women’s health, period . . . Organizations that are truly committed to women’s health must put women’s health before politics. We stand with Planned Parenthood in our shared commitment to putting women’s health first.”

Breast Cancer Action has a link (see below) where you can sign a petition demanding that SGK return the funding back to Planned Parenthood.

Please sign Breast Cancer Action’s petition to Susan G. Komen for the Cure demanding they put women’s health before politics.

Please sign the petition. Please stand up, please let SGK know that they are WRONG.

All the best,


Some Good News . . .

2 Feb

Hello all,

First of all, thank you so very much for your prayers and positive thoughts. It means so much to me and to my family.

I had an MRI on Tuesday and just got the results a few hours ago (online via WebMD). I checked my email and had a notification that something was uploaded for me on my WebMD account. I knew it was the results of a test and so logged in, while praying and hoping for the best. The report was long and included my history (an interesting read – being reminded of all that has occurred, all that has happened to my body in the past nearly three years now – is kind of surreal – seeing it relayed in medical terms, devoid of any emotion (of course) and in black in white is really weird). But, I digress.

The results are no evidence of disease (as in NED). Which is great news.

I am still waiting on a few other tests, but, so far so good.

I see my oncologist on February 9th (it is my hope to complete a 1/2 marathon on February 5th – pain be damned, I want to be able to report to my oncologist that I completed it when I see her on the 9th). I have not properly trained for it . . . too many pain days. But, so what, I will do what of it that I can.

We don’t have an answer as to where the pain is coming from and I fear that this will launch further scans . . . and at the same time, I fear that this will NOT launch further scans . . . it is an odd position to be in. I don’t know where the pain is coming from. Maybe it is from the Tamoxifen, maybe it is just after effects of all of the treatment. I am told I shouldn’t be in pain and that is why my oncologist has ordered tests. But, at some point, I wonder if maybe we figure that this is just where my body is at . . . I don’t want any cancer related explanation of the pain other than it is an after effect of the treatment or is related to Tamoxifen. Plain and simple, my bones hurt. I wake up in a lot of pain each day. But, for the most part it lessens after I get going and just work through it.  Then it returns usually at the end of a day. Maybe that is just how it is for me, maybe this is normal for me for now? I can deal with that. I hope that it is nothing and I both hope that my oncologist will not order additional scans and at the same time, hope that she will . . . because I just don’t know why my bones hurt.

It is what it is. My worries are no different than anyone else’s who has been through this cancer escapade.

I am so grateful for so many things. Just a year ago, I could not do half what I am doing today. And two years ago, I was barely getting around, still in bed and struggling each day to get in a walk and to just get through each day. I am most grateful for all of you, for my family (both on and offline). You have all helped me so much. Your prayers, your support, your love, love your well wishing . . . it is all very powerful and makes such a difference to me. Thank you.

Peace and love,