A Pink Haiku . . .

17 Jun

Fifty-nine dollars for a dollar, fifty-one? Do you really think we are that dumb?

Gayle Sulik, author of “Pink Ribbon Blues” has started a poetry jam. She is hosting a poetry contest on her blog. I for one am going to participate. And, since I am feeling particularly snarky today, here are my first two poems. I can only enter one submission, so I am going to come up with a few more and then maybe y’all can help me select the one I should submit.

Oh and just so you have the proper context, in case you haven’t already heard about Komen’s latest pink merchandising – their “Promise Me” perfume – you can read more about it here: Uneasy Pink and here:  Chemobabe and here: “The Scent of Exploitation”:

A Snarky Limerick

There once was a disease that killed many
But, then big pink cured it with money
Oh, wait that’s not true,
It still kills me and you
Does big pink think me a big dummy?

Haiku Ode to Komen’s New Perfume
Pink, pink everywhere
Stink of pink now in the air
Pinkified to death

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  1. No Help For the Poor and No RACE for the cure(TM) . . . « cancerfree2b - February 2, 2012

    […] And if you are interested in some poetry, here’s some of my Komen inspired poetry. […]

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