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Good day, sunshine . . .

3 Sep

Hello all,

Well, I woke up this am with less pain, so that is a good thing and I think a good sign. I was able to get some rest, need a lot of that right now I think.

I over did it the past few days and I think just all of the medical stuff really wore me out this past week. So, it is Friday, the end of a week and I am looking forward to the weekend.

I have some work to do today . . . I have to answer discovery in a law suit (never fun to be involved in litigation, but, sometimes you have to fight for what is right . . . I am so grateful to have a friend for an attorney who feels the same way).

I am feeling positive about things and looking forward to seeing family and friends this weekend. Sadly, we have a memorial service to attend tomorrow. But, I am so glad that I will be able to attend (surgery could have been this week, I didn’t know until just a few days ago, so I am grateful that I get to attend my friend’s service).

He will be missed, he is already missed. And, he is especially missed by my parents, he was a good friend and neighbor to them.

Thank you for your continued prayers, I greatly appreciate it.

Love and peace,


Surgery details . . .

1 Sep

Well today was quite a day . . . I had a lot to do and was able to do it . . . but, wow, I am beat.

I am concerned about the surgery date being so far from now as my skin is appearing to be a bit worse and there is more pain. But, hopefully all will work out. Perhaps I am trying to do too much. I don’t really know what I am supposed to do or not do. I like the idea of having the surgery on the 27th, but, I am concerned about whether I will make it to that date. I know that my surgeon wanted to get me in sooner, but, he is attending two conferences during the month of September, so that doesn’t allow for an earlier date.

It is imperative for me that he be the surgeon performing my surgery. And, as long as I am able to get through to the 27th, I will be able to have Dr. Sherman. But, if I have a problem before then, I will have to go to someone else.

I know, I shouldn’t be borrowing trouble. I am just in pain right now and the pain is where the problem areas are with my skin (the “non-viable” skin, that has “no vascular supply” and when I simply asked, “. . . is it dead?”, I was told, in a bit of a round-about, but, sensitive way, that yes, the skin in that area is dead. This happened as a result of over expansion of the radiated tissue. It is a bummer, but, it is fixable. I just wish it could be fixed sooner . . . and, I am, as I said, a bit worried that I will not stay intact up until September 27th.

So please say some prayers for me.

On the plus side, while I have to really limit certain activities . . . driving is tough, pushing a shopping cart is tough and just using my right arm in general causes strain on that side . . . I am so grateful for this time. I will be able to spend time with loved ones before my surgery, attend a memorial service of a family friend this Saturday and I have time to take care of some things that I need to take care of prior to surgery.

Well, I just felt like writing. Please keep up the prayers . . . I really appreciate it.

Love and peace,