Surgery tomorrow, race for the cure today . . .

26 Sep

Hello All,

I have surgery tomorrow at 1:00 pm tomorrow. I am glad the day is finally nearly here. Although, there is still so much to do it seems. Oh well, what will get done, will get done and what does not get done, does not.

This morning I went to the Orange County Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I was not able to do the walk or run . . . next year I guess. But, it was nice to go and to see friends. There was a survivor ceremony, with speakers beforehand. It was nice, but, I have to say it was a little weird for me. I have been years ago, running it in honor of my Aunt Anne. This year, I am a “survivor”. Women were wearing beads – one strand for each year out from their breast cancer diagnosis. Some women had thirty strands. That is encouraging. I sat during the ceremony with three women, my friend Debbie, her mother and her cousin . . . all three have had breast cancer (Debbie has had it twice).

Anyway, it was great seeing Debbie and her family and friends.

I am glad that there is so much attention given to breast cancer. But, other cancers get less attention. The Orange County Race for the Cure is a huge event every year. This is the 19th year of the race in Orange County. I just wish there was an equivalent event/attention for other cancer types . . . October is breast cancer awareness month . . . “pinktober”.

Other cancers have a color too . . . for example . . . ovarian cancer is teal, uterine cancer is orange. But, no other cancer seems to be anywhere near as much on the radar (research and awareness wise) as breast cancer.

Maybe with organizations like Stand Up 2 Cancer, there will be more awareness, more research dollars. I don’t know.

Well, I have to get back to the rest of my pre-op hop. Here are some pictures from today’s festivities.

Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow, I greatly appreciate it.

Much love,


P.S. A special thank you to my friend Sandy and to the generosity of her family and friends . . . Sandy raised $375.00 – that will pay for three mammograms! Thank you Sandy!!! (I stand corrected . . . Sandy has raised $400.00)!!! Thank you Sandy!

Cassi, Tiffany, me and Amber

Me and Dan . . . he ran the race, I sat out 🙂

Three amazing women! Sylvia, Debbie and her Mom

Me and Debbie, we went through chemo together last year.

Me and Sylvia

Me and my friend Lindsay

Survivor celebration . . . I am in here somewhere . . . 🙂

One Response to “Surgery tomorrow, race for the cure today . . .”

  1. Sandy September 26, 2010 at 8:40 PM #

    Aw, thanks… And, um, it’s up to $400 now… 🙂



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