Insurance company makes good . . .

20 Sep

Phew, surgery is approved. It was a long day. Spent most of it on the phone, with a break in between to see a surgeon up at Cedars Sinai today. The surgeon is keeping me on an antibiotic until surgery, just as a precaution. She says it appears that there is a tear or rupture (she saw some blood beneath the skin, where the skin is the thinnest). So, no running prior to surgery . . . not that I need to be told that right now 🙂 The good news is that it doesn’t appear to be damaged any further since what ever happened when I went for a run happened to an area that already had to be “dealt” with . . . replaced. So, that is great news. And, great news that the surgery is now approved. Still, just didn’t need the fire drill . . . I used to go through these all the time last year, getting this or that approved . . . from something as simple as getting my insurance to pay for a standard anti-nausea drug (that was $495.00 for three pills . . . crazy, I know) to getting second opinions approved.

I guess it is good to know that I can slip right back into that warrior mode when needed.

Didn’t need the worry though . . . especially my family and friends did not need the worry . . . especially my Mom and Dad.

My Dad had a procedure today. It is supposed to be a minor procedure. I am waiting to hear how it went. Please say some prayers for my Dad that everything goes well.

Love and peace,


P.S. Just found out that my Dad is just fine . . . a very good day after all!

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