Three days straight of no sleep . . . ugh

19 Sep

I was up all night last night. Not good. I sent my brother a text at 5:00 am (he often goes running early in the am) to see if he was available to chat. But, no such luck. The headache I have been having for several weeks is starting to really get on my nerves. I naturally have the worry that it isn’t just a headache . . . and that is just way too much sometimes. Last night/this morning was one of those times. I was fully prepared to ball my eyes out if my brother Steve called me back at 5:00 am. Fortunately, he did not return my call until a much more reasonable hour this am. And while I certainly can not say that I had my faculties about me, I definitely had control over my tear ducts at that time.

I know that my lack of sleep is probably contributing to my headaches and that the headache is contributing to my not sleeping. It is a cycle that has been hard for me to break. Plus, I do have some pre-surgery nerves right now. That probalby doesn’t help sleep come any easier.

Perhaps I will have better luck tonight. I think I am going to have a friend stay the night with me . . . I know, I am a big baby. But, maybe it will help.

Love and peace,


One Response to “Three days straight of no sleep . . . ugh”

  1. Sandy September 19, 2010 at 12:25 PM #

    So what’s wrong with being a big baby? If you need help, accept it. Your body and mind have been through a lot. If you need to be big baby in order to take care of yourself, then that’s what you do. I’m glad you have a friend who can stay with you.

    Let me know how I can help with the pre-op hop and post-op plans. This week, I’m free Tuesday and Thursday during the day if you need a ride somewhere.


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