Hair do . . .

18 Sep

Today my friend Andrea is taking me to a hair salon to get my hair colored and perhaps cut (cut just a little bit, as I am trying to grow my hair back). It was her idea and it is her gift to me. What an incredibly nice thing to do. I really can not afford to go to a hair stylist right now. I am really grateful (thank you Andrea) 🙂

I will keep you posted (perhaps a before and after photo . . . well, at least an after photo). The before, this morning, is really not pretty . . . I have had no sleep and since I am pretty limited physically today, I don’t think that I will be doing much of anything to my hair . . . I will leave all of that to the stylist Andrea is taking me to.

My appointment is for the middle of the day today, so I will try to post something later this afternoon.

Oh, any thoughts on color??? I was thinking of blonde or a golden brown??? No red, as I just did that.

Today should be fun 🙂

Love and peace,


2 Responses to “Hair do . . .”

  1. Sally September 18, 2010 at 8:25 PM #

    Hi, Lisa,
    I’m glad you have good friends that hopefully lessen the pain and frustration of things going wrong, like the torn pectoral muscle–ouch.
    All good wishes and prayers for you.

  2. cancerfree2b September 18, 2010 at 11:52 PM #

    Dear Aunt Sally,

    Thank you so much. I had a much better day today. Resting helped so much and so did the trip to the salon, yes, I do have good friends.

    I am doing better and think that all will really be well soon.

    I hope you are well and having good weather?

    Much love always,

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