Perspectives . . .

5 Sep

I had a good day today. It didn’t start out that way, but, it ended up being a good day. I woke up at the usual 6:30ish time (I wake up at this time whether I have been up until 4:00 am or have been fortunate enough to fall asleep earlier).

I was so incredibly tired today, kind of shocking really. I am not sure why, other than the recent anemia (recent blood work shows I am anemic again). So, that could be it. It is also fairly warm here and that can wear me out pretty good too.

Anyway, I stayed in bed a good portion of the day today, didn’t really move until I had to leave to go to a family friend’s memorial. It was a nice gathering and it was important. I was fond of Bill, our friend that passed away. It was so nice to meet his sister and nieces and to see some things I had never seen before. We swapped Bill stories and that was nice.

I can see the impact Bill’s passing has had on my parents. I hear it in their voice when I call them and I see it in their faces, especially today. Bill was a person my Mom saw daily, had coffee with often, spoke to every day. He was a support to both of my parents and was a support to me as well.

I am sad for my Mom and Dad, really sad. Bill was only in his fifties and his passing was just not expected. There is a real and palpable void there now for both of my parents. They really saw him virtually every day. I worry about them now.

Well, please keep my Mom and Dad in your prayers. I love them so much and hate to see them suffer . . . I have caused them (my illness has caused them) so much grief and suffering. And, now the loss of a good friend. I need to get well from this surgery fast so I can be of some help to them, instead of the burden I have been this past year plus. I know they don’t see me as a burden, but, I am, I have been and I just look forward to being able to be of some help to them. They are truly amazing human beings and I am so lucky to have them as my parents.

So, please say some prayers for my Mom and Dad, I would greatly appreciate it.

Love and peace,


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