Thank you everyone . . .

31 Aug

Thank you everyone for your emails and messages. It means so much to me to hear from friends and family. It is always so encouraging and very, very uplifting.

I am waiting for a surgery date. I am tired. The past couple of weeks have been a bit painful (even though I have definitely had some days in the past couple of weeks where I was able to get out and have some fun). I try to focus on those days, actually, it is quite easy to focus on those days. I am very good at forgetting the bad ones and even not remembering the bad days. That is a gift for which I am extremely grateful.

I sometimes go back and read past blog posts and I am shocked by what I experienced on a given day of treatment or just reading about past shenanigans with doctors, insurance etc. All of those difficult and sometimes horrible days, are for the most part a blur to me. Instead, it is the times that friends and family came and stayed with me or extended some kindness to me, or the days when I could run again, or ride my bike again or lift a friends baby high up in the air again, or chase after my nephew . . . those are the days that I remember and cling to and it is those days that I am so grateful for. Thank you.

I am so grateful to all of you, my friends, my family. I know I have yet to reply to emails this week, please forgive that, I am still exhausted from everything of the past few days. I have work to catch up on and will have to do that first and of course there is the pre-op hop that I need to do . . . getting ready for my next surgery.

I will let you all know the surgery date as soon as I find out. Thank you again for your love and support.

This Saturday I will be attending the memorial service of a friend. I am sad that he is no longer with us. Life is short, go live it.

Much love to you all,


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