Meeting with surgeon at Cedars Sinai . . .

30 Aug

Well wish me luck, in a few hours, I will be meeting with a surgeon at Cedars Sinai. I am staying up in Los Angeles, just a few minutes away from Cedars. My appointment is early and so I didn’t want to deal with the commute early in the morning. My Mom is here with me, we are staying at a nice hotel.

We will leave from here at 8:00 am in order to allow plenty of time to get to Cedars.

I am really hoping that everything goes well . . . obviously. I worry that this surgeon will say that he can not help me. I hope that he will be able to take me on as his patient and fix what is wrong.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . the “okay corral” where I don’t think of such things or worries . . . I had a wonderful weekend. Friday evening I had a nice long visit with a friend (on the phone, while I was horizontal, resting). I learned a lot about my friend . . . this past year has been one of . . . I suppose to some degree . . . by necessity . . . a bit of self absorption . . . yep, I have been a bit of a it-is-all-about-me-cause-I was-diagnosed-with-cancer type of person.

But, Friday I got to learn some things I never knew, listen and enjoy my friend’s stories.

Saturday I did what I could to get my place ready for surgery. Physically I wasn’t able to do a whole lot, so I brought in a cleaning team, they were great, progress was made!

Then, Saturday afternoon, I was able to join friends of mine on a Dufy boat (an electric boat). We cruised the Newport Harbor. It was really nice and real relaxing.

Today I went out to brunch with a friend and then we went to the Sawdust Festival. It was a really great day.

So now I am sitting up at 1:30 am. I NEED to get some rest! Hopefully it will be very soon!

Please keep me in your prayers!

Love and peace,


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