What a week, what a day . . .

27 Aug

This past week has been a rough one. Complications have come up necessitating that I have an earlier surgery date and also a new surgeon . . . one who has the expertise to deal with the complications that have developed.

It has been a really intense week. Just so much to deal with and my head is simply reeling. I am truly overwhelmed. But, it is coming together I think and I even think that tonight (although it is already 12:30) that I may be able to get some sleep. Sleep has been a real struggle the past couple of weeks. It has been especially difficult this past week.

In spite of the week I have had, today, I had a really good day. I sent out an email update on my status, received lots of nice notes back from friends, had lunch with a dear, dear friend (who found a lunch spot just blocks from my afternoon medical appointment . . . how sweet is that?) and had a very successful appointment with the pain management doctor.

I experienced a lot of pain with the past surgery, it was the most pain I have ever experienced in my life. It lasted for weeks and nothing seemed to control it. So, this time I decided to be proactive and see a specialist for the pain. I feel really good about this . . . I was able to discuss my concerns and then my doctor came up with a plan for pain management for me. I have already picked up the prescriptions and have several options and combinations of things to utilize. I am not a fan of taking any medication . . . so this whole cancer ride has really been kind of surreal for me . . . I never thought I would every take any kind of strong medication . . . I rarely have every taken aspirin or tylenol. So, this whole experience has forced me to be willing to take medications . . . as much as I don’t like to take any medications.

I don’t know if the plan will work or not, but, I have to think that it will go better than the last time, since last time I didn’t have any kind of plan. I wasn’t even aware that there were doctors that specialized in pain management.

Anyway, all in all, it was a fabulous day. I am very happy about it being the end of the week and I am very how for how nice Friday turned out to be.

Now I just need to law low for a bit. I need to figure out how I am going to get all of the way up to Cedars Sinai at 8:55 am on Monday morning . . . ugh.

I am going to see about staying over night with my parents somewhere near Cedars. I think it will be easier than driving up there on Monday morning and having to deal with all of that traffic. I cant drive that far by myself anyway, so my Dad is planning on driving. But, we would have to leave so early in the morning to get there and the traffic would be so heavy at that time of day.

Well wish me luck and please continue your prayers. I greatly appreciate it!

Much love,


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