Sleepless in Los Al . . .

17 Aug

Last night I did not sleep at all, maybe a few minutes here and there . . . until I moved a little bit and then the pain would wake me up. This past expansion was pretty intense. I am still hopeful that I will recover from this most recent expansion like I recovered from last week’s expansion. It worries me that my surgeon wants to do three more before my next surgery. I guess the more she expands me the more options she has in terms of what she can do reconstruction wise . . . and it just makes her job easier I guess.

Hopefully it will all be worth when I see the final result. I know that with radiated skin (and that is what we are dealing with on the right side) it is more complicated. The skin is damaged from the radiation – has less elasticity – and, as a result is extremely tight. The pectoral muscle – under which the expander is now placed, and where the implant will ultimately go, is also damaged from the radiation. So, all of these things make the expansions more difficult and for me, more painful. There are potential complications that can occur between now and surgery. I do not intend on having any of these complications. In fact, it was, and still is my plan to go camping soon. I would like to go next weekend and am going to shoot for that . . . assuming my body says yes 🙂

My brother Steve and friends go annually to a campground in San Diego and I think I would like to do that. Or, perhaps the mountains somewhere. I don’t plan on going too far, but, we shall see.

My good friend Erina would like to fit in a trip to San Francisco between now and my surgery. I probably can not fit in both a camping trip and a trip to San Francisco, so I will have to choose . . . and, at this point, I may very well be choosing to forgo both.

I have just really wanted to go camping for some reason, maybe because it has been out of the question for so long, I don’t know. But, I have always enjoyed going and it would be nice to be able to pull off a trip for a couple of days. I have a state park connection, so maybe he can find me a camping spot . . . or, maybe I will check into Crystal Cove state park . . . there are often last minute cancellations there . . . it wouldn’t really be camping, but, it would still be very nice.

I guess I will have to look into it.

In the mean time, just hoping to feel better fast. I am still in a lot of pain this morning. But, I hope it will stop soon.

If I can get better today, then I can finish some work that I need to do and then maybe hit the road tomorrow or Thursday . . . we shall see.

Much love . . . and thank you for your continued prayers,


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