Some of my angels at the Angels . . .

14 Aug

Last night I went to an Angels game, we lost, but, it was still fun and the fireworks display that is held on every Friday night game was great. Even better was the company. I met three amazing women just about two years ago. Not long after meeting them, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We really didn’t know each other well then. We had only met a few months before. But, as soon as they heard of my diagnosis, they called me and told me they wanted to help me in anyway that they could.

I didn’t even know what kind of help I would need. But, somehow, they did . . . they figured it out. They are among many angels that I have in my life, true and amazing friends who have been there for me at both the best and worst times. My first chemo round I stayed home alone. Not many people knew that I had cancer yet. And, I didn’t want my parents to have to see whatever was in store for me that first chemo weekend. It was surreal. Like the doctors said, I would feel pretty good the day after, but, then it would hit probably the next day (for me that would be on a Saturday). I remember feeling fine up until Saturday morning. I took my dog for a walk and when I was about a block from home, I was suddenly hit with it, like a brick wall, my whole body consumed with pain. I sat on the grass, alone, unsure of how to get home, not sure if I could even move. I called my doctor who told me to take pain meds and lie down. I called a friend and neighbor who came and drove me home.

I got through that weekend and not too long after felt fine and was right back to work until the next round. But, the next round, I was not alone. My friends inserted themselves into my life. These women whom I barely knew . . . they showed up, brought me food, did laundry, stayed the night, stayed up all night with me sometimes (when the drugs kept me from sleeping), watched movies with me . . . they were my live in caretakers during those chemo weekends. Truly amazing. And, now . . . we know each other quite well.

So last night I spent a really fun evening with these women, laughing, talking, enjoying the game (even though my Angels lost) and staying until the end.

We caught up and in doing so I told them when my next surgery was . . . they immediately put the date in their phones . . . I know why they did this . . . because, like always, they are planning on being there for me. They have been my caretakers on so many occasions (and they are not the only people in my life who have done this for me). I sat there last night in sheer awe of my friendship with these women. And, I am in awe of what so many have done for me. I am so fortunate. If it took cancer for me to realize the depths of love, friendship and family bonds . . . then so be it. I am so lucky, so grateful and I have so many to thank.

And, by the way, these three women last night told me they were proud of me, proud of my attitude through the cancer . . . I was speechless . . . do they have any idea of how much they figured into my getting well? Do they have any idea of how much they contributed to my well being? I am so proud of them, so proud to have them as my friends.

Love and peace,


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