Sleepless, but, feeling a lot better . . .

12 Aug

I feel much better today. The expansion was on Monday and I didn’t feel too well for a couple of days. However, this afternoon, I really started to improve. So that gives me a lot of hope for the future expansions . . . that I will feel alright in between each expansion. As I have already described here in previous posts this past week, the expansions of the radiated side is new territory for me. I don’t do so great with unknowns. I was starting to worry that perhaps I was going to be in pain and uncomfortable for the entire month of August. But, fortunately, the expansion pain and discomfort seems to just last a few days.

I do feel that I have less movement in my right arm. But, that is temporary. And, as long as I can get in some physical therapy, I ought to get through the surgery just fine.

A former high school friend just lost his wife to cancer. I am not sure the kind of cancer that she had. But, she fought for two and a half years and lost her battle. She leaves behind children, a husband and a grandson. My heart goes out to him and to his family. She was young. Younger than me.

I sense that his family believes that diet and environmental factors played a roll in his wife’s cancer.

He has apparently moved his family to a less populated area, less pollution, less pesticides (a non “cancer alley” area) and they have changed their diet dramatically. I am not sure if my friend’s wife was told that her cancer was likely environmentally caused of if they just decided to make these changes because they just felt it would be healthier for everyone.

There is much out there about cancer rates and pesticides and exposure to other chemicals including the dangers (and apparent increased cancer risk) in areas that have oil drilling.

I was so sad to hear of my friend (and his children’s) loss.

I will be praying for him and for his children and all those that she left behind.

Love and peace,


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