Monday . . .

9 Aug

One month from today I will have my next reconstructive surgery. My goals between now and then are to enjoy as much time as I can with those that I love and to get ready for surgery. The getting ready part, it is a drill I know pretty well at this point. I need to get my home ready for surgery. There are bills to pre-pay, shopping to do. I also need to arrange for care takers, especially for the first couple of weeks post surgery and for the three to four weeks that I will not be allowed to drive a car.

There is a bit to do, but, it will get done. And, I will get help to do it. I am not going to drain myself with house work. I tried that a couple of weeks ago and took a pretty big hit physically. So, I will bring in help to get my place back in order. I am definitely not going to use my energy to move stuff around and scrub things down.

Besides, I need to be as healthy and rested as possible before surgery and, I want to just enjoy the time that I have between now and then as much as possible.

A friend of mine gave me tickets to the Orange County Fair, so I am going to do that this week. I am also playing with my blues group on Thursday evening. And, I hope to hear a concert in the park this week (part of a free concert series nearby).

I have some medical stuff to deal with this week, oops, almost forgot, I have another expansion today (lovely). And, I do not yet have a ride to that appointment. Guess I had better get on that! 🙂

Thursday I see my breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Coleman. She is the surgeon who performed the mastectomy last year. She is also the first doctor I met with after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is an amazing doctor – so caring and so supportive. She helped me navigate so much last year. I am looking forward to seeing her this week. I am anxious to get her opinion of the progress with my reconstruction. I am particularly interested in what she thinks of the right side (the radiated side). This is the side that I will be having reconstructive surgery on next month.

Well, I had better get going on finding a ride to my appointment today. I should have my car back either the end of today or tomorrow. Very pleased about that.

Well, wish me luck.

Love and peace,


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