Standing up to cancer . . .

3 Aug

The organization “Standup2cancer” put out a video stating that a persons odds of getting cancer in their lifetime was 1 in 3 for women and 1 in 2 for men. Those are higher odds than I ever thought. But, when I think of how many people I know who have had cancer, I guess those odds make a little more sense.

I heard from a family friend today that his nephew, who has been battling cancer since he was a very young boy, is now succumbing to brain cancer. I grew up with this young man’s uncle – we were in the same grade in school. I grew up just a few houses away from this boy’s uncle, aunt and dad. In fact, I played at their home many days a week when I was little. Years later I got to know a little of their boy’s story (my friends’ nephew’s story).

I didn’t know him well at all, I only met him a few times at some family gatherings. But, I heard of his struggles. I have to say that I took quite a bit of strength from that young man when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remembered how he had gone through such difficult treatments and how his family rallied around him to help him get better. And, I just thought how unfair it was that a little child could come into the world already stricken with such a disease. It made feeling sorry for myself, when I was diagnosed, simply not an option. I remember thinking of John, who was just a little boy when he had to begin his battle, and think how could I complain . . . I have already been here this long, had this many years.

The last I had heard he had been in remission. But, the cancer came back and apparently this time there is nothing that can be done. My heart goes out to John and his family and to all that know him. While I did not know him well, I drew a lot of strength witnessing his courage from afar.

Please pray for my friend, his nephew and his family. This young man spent his life standing up to cancer.

Love and peace,


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  1. Sandy August 3, 2010 at 9:27 PM #

    My prayers are with your friends, and with you.


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