Expansion number two completed . . .

2 Aug

Well, today I went in for my second expansion on the “under construction” breast.

It was uncomfortable, but, not too bad. It causes my right arm to get numb a bit as it cuts off some of the circulation there. I went for a run (very short one) on the beach today. I am SO glad that I went before I had the expansion done.

I hope I can run again soon, it felt really good.

If I am feeling well enough tomorrow, I might try another jog.

The next expansion is next Monday and will continue weekly until my surgery on September 9th (at least that is the plan, anyway).

I think it is going well. I am glad that the expansions are on Mondays now as that means I can have the weekend free beforehand . . . that would be the time I would be least affected from an expansion done the first part of the week. So, that is really good.

Well, I am going to watch a movie and go to bed.

Much love to all,


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