Sunday . . .

1 Aug

Today I am playing with my blues group again. We will be playing outdoors in Laguna Beach. It should be fun . . . and hopefully not too tiring. I played on Friday night and it was fun, but, definitely a long haul. Playing bass sans my left latissimus muscle is definitely different. It is hard to explain how it is different . . . it is not bad, just different. I do have some pain doing it and I am weaker in the arms than before, but, all of that could simply just be due to being the first time back since both surgery and the stupid car accident.

All in all, it went well. The disappointment was that my Dad was not able to play because the digital piano at the restaurant is broken. I hope it gets fixed soon. I really, really missed playing with my Dad.

We still haven’t celebrated my Dad’s birthday. Next weekend is my nephew Garrett’s 2nd birthday party. I wasn’t able to attend his first birthday party last year due to surgery. But, this year I will be able to go, so that is great.

I hope today’s gig goes well, four hours was a bit too long for me Friday . . . today is a three hour deal . . . so hopefully that will be easier.

Love and peace,


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