Thursday . . .

15 Jul

Today I am feeling better, less sore from the accident. I didn’t see my surgeon yesterday because I couldn’t find a ride to my appointment. They were understanding and let me reschedule for this afternoon. I have a ride already.

I don’t think there is a problem with the implant. But, it will be good to get it checked out. I do have pain around the area where the muscle was attached, but, I think it is probably all fine. I was pretty well healed prior to the accident. So, hopefully, everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. I think it will be fine.

I have a bit of a chopped up day today, with a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and a meeting in the am with the singer of my blues group (he is delivering my bass to me, which he has been holding onto since our last gig this past April). I am anxious to get my bass back, now that I think I can start playing again (at least until the next surgery). So, it will be nice to have it back.

I hope to get some work done in between.

Here’s to feeling better! đŸ™‚

Love and peace,


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