Saw my surgeon today . . .

15 Jul

Today I saw my reconstructive surgeon. She believes that there is no damage to my implant from the accident. Fortunately, I was far enough out from surgery, healed enough, that the accident didn’t have a bad impact (no pun intended). I am still pretty sore and it definitely caused soreness around the areas where muscle was taken from my back and moved to the front (places that had been painful after surgery, but, had since felt fine, now hurt again . . . but, the good news is that my surgeon is not concerned about that, she says that everything looks fine).

The meeting went well, she was pleased with how everything is healing (scar wise, etc.).

We discussed a possible surgery date of September 9th, although, she told me not to get attached to that date as she would have to see if it was available or not. I sure hope it is. I desperately need to get back to work and can only do so if I am healed up from this next surgery in time for the next bar round . . . I fully intend to work the next bar round. So, if I can not get the surgery date by the middle of September (or, maybe even a little further into September), then I will have to postpone surgery for March of 2011.

I really do not want to postpone. BUT, I am not going to sit out another busy season.

Today I was able to make progress on a book I am working on. So that was good. It is slow, but, at least I am beginning to be able to do something with this brain of mine . . . besides cutting fingers and crashing cars . . . ugh.

Last weekend I got to see my friend Janice. She was visiting her son in San Diego and made the trip North to Orange County so that we were able to have a visit. It was great to see her and her son. We grew up together and I always thought of her as a sister. I will post some pictures from our visit soon.

Oh, the other update from my doctor’s visit is that my surgeon will start the expansion process this coming Monday . . . of course I have no car to drive now, but, will figure that out somehow . . .

I will go in every week for an expansion (saline injected into my expander in my right side of my chest). I have not had this done on the radiated side . . . not since I was radiated. I was expanded before radiation, but, then had to be deflated. So, now we start all over again, but, with radiated skin. There is no way to know right now how I will do with that. It is a bit painful and gets uncomfortable . . . changes my mobility in my right arm . . . but, it should go fine. It better, as I have two gigs coming up in a couple of weeks . . . need my arm to be working that bass!

Well, enough on all of that.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers . . . I thought by now I would not need it anymore, but, I was wrong . . . 🙂

Much love to all,


2 Responses to “Saw my surgeon today . . .”

  1. Sandy July 15, 2010 at 10:37 PM #

    “I thought by now I would not need it anymore, but, I was wrong . . . :)”

    Ha! When do any of us no longer need prayer?! 🙂

    My availability isn’t what it used to be, but I’m free Tuesday mornings and most Fridays. Call if you need a ride. It would be a good excuse to see you!


    • cancerfree2b July 16, 2010 at 10:57 AM #

      Thank you Sandy!

      I look forward to seeing you and I hope that we can go walking again sometime soon. I have a bike now, so I have been riding that a little bit . . . now it has become a necessity . . . LOL . . . to have a bike, that is. 🙂

      I have to see Dr. Zetrenne weekly now for expansions . . . it is a bit too far for me to ride 🙂 But, unfortunately it looks as though my appointments will be on Mondays with her. My first is this coming Monday – for my first expansion. I have a ride there and back I think already, so that is good.

      Maybe not having a car right now will be a good think . . . I can focus on writing/finishing that book.

      In any case, I would love to see you soon, so whenever you are free, let me know. Maybe we can make plans for this coming Tuesday to have dinner or something. I could even make dinner. (Fortunately, I have a grocery store that is only a few blocks away, so I can ride my bike there, very convenient).

      Well, I hope to see you very soon, I miss you.

      Take care.

      P.S. I look forward to hearing about what is taking up your time 🙂

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