Crash test dummy . . .

12 Jul

I used to call my dog Molly my beast of burden . . . not that I was out making her plow fields or anything, just thought it was funny.

I feel like I have become that . . . a beast of burden, or maybe just a burden?

Let’s see, a quick recap of the weekend . . . two emergency room trips in less than 24 hours . . . not good. First of all: I am fine. But, I did have a pretty eventful weekend.

Saturday it was Matt to the rescue (once again) . . . Matt drove me to the ER because I stupidly cut my finger while cutting into an apple. It wasn’t bad, but, it was a little deep and so I decided it was best to get it looked at. I was using a really sharp knife and just goofed. Anyway, my finger was tended to and all was good. Then the next day . . . yes, the very next day . . . it was Cypress Fire and Paramedics to the rescue . . . I had a car accident. My fault. I was driving my brother Paul’s car . . . which now does not look good. Paul was more than gracious about it. But, unfortunately, there is only liability insurance which means his car damage is not covered by any insurance. Such a bummer. I feel so badly about it. And, naturally, I am in no position right now financially to cover it. But, it will be the first thing I do once I get back on my feet and back to work.

Fortunately, I am okay, a bit beat up and bruised, but, nothing was broken. I injured my left shoulder and arm, but, I think that is it. The air bags deployed . . . but, as my brother Paul joked . . . at least my air bag didn’t deploy (my implant, that is, at least it appears to be fine).

I was taken by ambulance to the ER and was checked out and released. I am supposed to follow up with my reconstructive surgeon to make sure everything is okay with the implant in my left breast. I still have stitches internally from the surgery and so that does concern me a little bit. But, it appears that everything is fine. I am sore and probably, from what I am told, will be a bit more sore tomorrow.

I had plans of finishing up a book, studying for an upcoming exam and cleaning my house . . . all of which are a bit sidetracked right now. I have an order from a bookstore for some of my books and I have yet to fulfill it (I need to get it out to the printer, but, my concentration level has not been so great lately, I am finding it difficult to focus). I believe it is simply from lack of sleep and sometimes from pain . . . but, mostly from lack of sleep. I have been going without sleep for a long time now and it is something that I felt I was used to. But, I think given the past weekend’s events, I probably am not functioning so well without sleep. Maybe I need to consider taking one of the pills I have been given over the past year . . . that I don’t take. I hate taking pills. But, I hate nearly cutting off my finger and crashing my brother’s car a lot more . . . ugh. I feel horrible about this.

Well, it will get better. I just could not be more sick of emergency rooms and hospitals and doctors and being tired.

I have a living room full of medical garbage . . . I had a visiting nurse after surgery for over three weeks administering IV antibiotics . . . well, they (the nursing agency, I guess) had all kinds of supplies shipped to me, tons of stuff, way more than would ever be needed for the care I was getting. Of course all of this is billed to my insurance and covered by my insurance. Which, I guess, is the point . . . the nursing agency makes a bunch of money off of all of these supplies and excess medicines that they ship to me. They can’t take any of it back and I can’t just throw it into the trash . . . certainly not the medicines.

Today, though, I am really going to see if there is a way I can dispose of all of this . . . it is really starting to get on my nerves to see all of it.

Well, wish me luck, no more accidents.

Much love and peace,


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