Slept for the first time in a long time . . .

26 Jun

Well, I didn’t get a full night’s sleep, BUT, I did get some sleep last night. What a difference that makes. This past week has been a mess. I have missed (as in completely forgot) two doctor’s appointments and just all kinds of things. It is probably a combination of the medication and lack of sleep. Whatever it is, it has not been ideal. I have been incredibly forgetful to say the least.

And, I really hate feeling so out of it. I gave myself a couple of days off from Tamoxifen and I was not only able to sleep, but, I feel better. But, I can’t be off of it – not for five years. So, I need to get used to taking it. My oncologist tells me that I need to give it at least three or four months to see if my body will adjust

But, hopefully today will be the start of better days. I feel the difference from having had a little sleep.
I still feel cloudy, but, hopefully things will “clear” up soon. And now I am going to take a pill . . . blech!

Love and peace,


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