Pictures from the past six weeks, surgery, etc.

26 Jun

Hi All,

Here are a few pictures from the past six weeks (I will be six weeks out of surgery this Monday – so glad to be on this end of things)!!!

Here you go . . .

Not looking my best - the day after surgery 5-18-10

Roses from a friend to brighten my room.

More fun - running out of places to get a vein . . . this has to be my least favorite place to have an IV - in my neck.

Close up of neck IV (I hope you've already had your lunch) 🙂

Beautiful flowers from family and friends 🙂

Post-op - getting IV antibiotics at home (I had a nurse come in daily for three weeks). So glad to get rid of the IV pole in my living room 🙂

Memorial Day trip to the ER

We can rebuild her! (Memorial Day at the ER).

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