Five weeks out from surgery . . .

22 Jun

It has been five weeks now since my surgery. I am definitely feeling better. Still slow, still not upt to full speed (whatever that is, it is kind of hard to remember now :)). Anyway, I am doing better.

I continue to see my plastic surgeon every week to see how the healing from surgery is progressing. So far things seem to be going well. I see my plastic surgeon again tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully she will clear me for a shower . . . the sponge bath thing is getting old.

Well, there is not a whole lot new to report – getting better, not fast enough, in my opinion . . . but, better all the same.

Love and peace,


3 Responses to “Five weeks out from surgery . . .”

  1. Sandy Gougis June 22, 2010 at 7:33 PM #

    Hey, Lisa. Let me know if you want to go walking after your appointment. If you feel up to it, just give me a call when you get home.


  2. marv gelblat June 24, 2010 at 4:16 PM #

    Hi Lisa:

    It’s been a while. I like that word “cured”. I know you have had a rough time of i the past month, but it seems that our prayers have been answered. All your friends are still praying for you. Sandy certainly is a good friend.

    I am now firmly entrenched on the East Coast – making plans for a September 5 wedding. I am now a registered PA voter and I got my PA driver’s license today.

    BTW, I loved the two songs you put pn your blog recently. Your voice is beautiful. Regards to your folks; I am glad your mom is getting over her flu symptoms.


  3. cancerfree2b June 26, 2010 at 10:43 AM #

    Dear Marv,

    So nice to hear from you. I have tried sending you emails to your gmail address, but, my messages come back as “blocked”. It is the email that I have used successfully for you in the past – in fact, I tried just replying to one of your emails, but, I still get the same message: “this user (as in me) has been blocked”.

    So, that is why you haven’t heard from me.

    Congratulations again on your upcoming marriage.

    I had a great time at Sweety Thai, it was great to catch up with you.

    All the best,


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