Things are looking up . . .

11 Jun

Hello All,

This week has been a busy one on many fronts. Mostly medical, but, all productive.

I have a medical appointment every other day or so these days . . . I didn’t figure on that being the case 15 months into this cancer ride. But, that is the way it goes I guess.

Anyway, good news:

I am healing well, slowly but, surely making my way back to feeling more like myself, a bit stronger etc. (still can’t drive, can’t get things out of the cupboard very easily, unless it happens to be on the edge of the first cupboard and is light weight – solution – I leave dishes on the counter top for easy access and use paper bowls and plates as much as possible).

Other good news – walked for about thirty minutes yesterday and again today (thank you Sandy for being my walking partner)!

AND – I got the highly annoying pic line taken out of my arm yesterday – which means that my doctor took me off of the IV antibiotics!!! I am so relieved about that. Of course, it means now that I do not have the antibiotic protection – so I need to be extra careful, limit my exposure for a bit, but, I am feeling pretty darn good about it.

Yesterday I had a really nice dinner out, a walk along the bird sanctuary afterwards – it was beautiful – and I had great company too. It was a nice end to a busy medical day (started with the antibiotic infusion given by a nurse at my home, then a couple of appointments and well, that pretty much did me in – but, the dinner and the walk along the water, amongst the birds, was really a great pick me up).

So, now it is just about continuing to recover and heal from surgery. It is amazing how long it takes and at the same time it is also amazing what the body can sustain and get through. I am physically pretty uncomfortable, BUT, it is so much better than it was, I can hardly complain now as there is no comparison between now and two weeks or three weeks ago. Such a relief.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me, following my blog, sending me emails, cards and love, I so greatly appreciate it.

Much love and peace,


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