Corner turned . . .

3 Jun

What a difference a day makes. Last night still did not bring any sleep. BUT, I did get through my first night post-op without pain medications! Still haven’t taken any today. So, this is real progress.

I’m not saying I am pain free, but, the pain level is low enough that I can tolerate it. The pain medications cause side effects that are pretty intolerable – clearly you have to do it if you have to do it. But, I am so glad to be able to get by without, or at least less, pain meds.

Today I saw my “infectious disease doctor” – sounds pretty bad, I know 🙂 It isn’t. He is great and the reason I see him at all is to make sure that I don’t end up with some infection post surgery. This is why I am on the IV antibiotics right now. He ordered another week of the antibiotics – which means another week with the pic line (blech). But, I prefer his caution to risking getting some infection that could jeopardize the whole surgery and even worse, my life. Hoag Hospital has had a high rate of MRSA infections (higher than what is thought to be within normal range) in the past 6 months (a little detail I found out about after being admitted to the hospital, nice). Anyway, I guess they have had people come in without the infection but, leave with it or develop it within a few weeks of being hospitalized.

So, all of this is just a precaution to help make sure I heal well.

I can’t wait to have the remaining drain out and for the pic line (the thing in my arm that allows them to give me the IV antibiotics through) out!

I had a really nice walk with my friend Sandy today. Sandy drove me to my medical appointment. We took PCH back home and she suggested that we stop at the bird preserve along PCH. It was so great to get some fresh air, feel the ocean breeze and see some birds and water. It is really a beautiful place – great idea Sandy, thank you!

So, things are getting better, definitely. And, my Mom seems to be feeling a little better. Although the only way to really tell for sure would be to go and see her – something I can’t physically do – can’t drive to her AND can’t be around anyone who is sick – very frustrating. But, I do believe she is improving and that it is probably some kind of flu. Still, I appreciate any prayers you can send her way.

Love and peace,


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