Memorial Day at the ER – what? no barbecue???

31 May

They don’t celebrate Memorial Day at the ER, I know, I was there all day today, just got home a little before 8 pm. After being poked and prodded and put through noisy cat scan machines – all of this is now pretty rote for me – I am home. I have to say that the part of this stuff I am not used to, nor do I think I will ever get used to, is the “find a vein in Lisa” game that we always have to play. Each time is a bit worse. Today was a tear jerker, never thought a simple IV would draw anything more than blood, but, now there are no simple IVs and IVs simply, painfully, draw tears. I can’t help it. They have to go in so deep.

Finally, on the third try, with a pic line specialist, who used an ultrasound to locate a vein, she got in. They have to go deep to find anything now – after chemo and a year of Herceptin treatments – there’s just not much left. And, small people happen to have smaller veins in the first place, so there I go.

Anyway, the third nurse was sane and instead of apologizing in advance for the pain she was going to inflict while trying to get the IV in (that’s what the first two nurses did – you just never really want to hear: “this is going to hurt a lot”), she said, “you’re going to feel some stinging, I’m using a pediatric needle to get you some lidocaine to numb your vein before we go in . . . ”

So, the third nurse was successful. And now, finally, I am back home.

I am waiting for my home care nurse to arrive to give me my at home antibiotic infusion. Going to try to eat before she gets here (the antibiotics somehow always ruin the tastebuds). Man, I am just all vinegar today, aren’t I?

I am grateful to be home. And grateful I am not in some war zone, lying wounded, without an ER in sight.

God bless our troups and let’s bring them all home!

Love and peace,


2 Responses to “Memorial Day at the ER – what? no barbecue???”

  1. Sandy Gougis May 31, 2010 at 9:19 PM #


    You are so sweet to be thinking of others (our troops) in the midst of your medical emergency. I just read your post to Michael, and he says it takes a remarkable amount of presence of mind to think of others. God bless YOU. I’m glad you’re home.


    • cancerfree2b June 1, 2010 at 12:10 PM #

      Sandy, You and Michael are too kind. I could not help but think about that yesterday. Feeling miserable in the ER, but knowing that ultimately, i really was safe. I could not help but think of how horrific it would be to need medical attention and to not be able to get it – to be lying somewhere in some foreign place, wounded, no hospital is sight. The poorest of our country are put on the front lines. Yes, many volunteer, but, many do it because there are no other options available. Anyway, i will stop my ramble.

      My Aunt Sally, an amazing woman, is fasting right now for peace and she is doing so in my honor. I am very honored.

      I wish our troops were not fighting in any wars. I pray that all come home safely and that no more blood is shed.

      Love and PEACE,

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