No pain pills since 4:00 am . . . woo-hoo . . .

30 May

I have not taken a pain pill since early this am. I am hoping to not take any this evening either, but, I don’t know about that. I sure don’t want to go backwards and have a horrible night. Still, the pain pills cause some problems, problems I would like to avoid (like nausea and well, other stuff, I will refrain from discussing at this dinner hour).

So, maybe I will be able to manage without the pills now . . . that is my hope.

I now have two classmates from my high school with whom I have been in contact that either have or had breast cancer. One of my former classmates was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma – my cancer was also invasive ductal carcinoma, in addition to being HER2 +). This young woman was in my same high school class. She was first diagnosed at 36 years of age and then diagnosed again a few years later, finished treatment in 2008. She just sent me a message, having come across news of my diagnosis online. (Incidentally, my other former class mate is actually just now going through cancer treatment, having been diagnosed with the exact cancer as I had – IDC – invasive ductal carcinoma, and HER2+ . . . that is pretty rare, the HER+ aspect, as that is far less common, especially in younger women).

The former class mate I just heard from is a two time survivor. I am glad to reconnect with her, but, so sorry for the reason.

Anyway, she is doing well now and in the pink, as we say.

🙂 I am so glad for her.

Love and peace,


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