Me and my IV pole . . .

28 May

So, the good news is that I don’t have to have antibiotics intravenously around the clock, thank God. I really did not want that happening. There are so many reasons why I did not want that  – 1) is the pain that would be associated with wearing the device – it is very heavy, would have to wear it 24 hours a day for at least 7 days, 2) is the fact that the rate of infusion could not be controlled, historically I have not handled infusions well – whether it is simply saline or nasty chemo – my body just doesn’t tolerate it well. That is how I ended up with 8 to 9 hour chemo days – I got to see the morning and afternoon shifts both come and go before I got unplugged for the day. The upside of that was I got to know a lot of fellow cancer patients. I had my morning friends and my afternoon friends – got to see them all.

Anyway, I am just tickled pink that I don’t have to be connected to that dang thing. Now it is back to my IV pole – it is kind of weird having an IV pole in your living room, but, hey, it is temporary. Hopefully next Friday I will be done with the antibiotics. In either event, at least it will be more comfortably administered.

Well, happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Much love,


P.S. When I was leaving my surgeon’s office today, the receptionist ask me “if I had any special plans, maybe a barbecue or going to the beach for the holiday weekend . . .” I thought she was joking with me . . . I just said no, I would be taking it easy. But, I wanted to say, are you out of your mind? special plans, let’s see, walking up and down my stairs a few times a day (feels like I’m doing a marathon) and walking back and forth between two houses on my street a few times a day (again, what feels like a herculean task), seeing my nurse for IV drugs every day and trying to manage to keep some food in my belly . . . those are my special plans, you goofball!

I am guessing that she did not see me walking at the pace of an amoeba? Funny. But, she  was just trying to be nice I am sure. Still, it cracked me up pretty good. 🙂

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