I’ll have a little oatmeal with my blueberries please . . .

18 Apr

Good morning,

Well, I decided to make some oatmeal this morning and thought that some blueberries would be a nice addition. It was really very good. Here is what oatmeal looks like when you add real blueberries. It makes eating those packaged instant oatmeals with “fruit” in it seem pretty gross now. This took only a few minutes to make and I highly recommend it. It is packed full of antioxidants and whole grain – both good very good for you.

Oatmeal and Organic, Wild Blueberries

4 Responses to “I’ll have a little oatmeal with my blueberries please . . .”

  1. Sally April 20, 2010 at 7:10 PM #

    Hi, Lisa,
    I so admire your ingenuity and courage to find ways to eat healthy–I’ll try the chopped Kale salad. And you’ve nudged me into eating more veggies raw. The blueberry oatmeal reminds me of camping with the family in Canada years ago where wild blueberries grew in between all the campsites. Our morning pancakes were as much blueberry as batter.

    • cancerfree2b April 21, 2010 at 10:41 AM #

      Dear Aunt Sally,
      Thank you for your message and, of course, for your continued prayers. I am glad I could stir up such a nice memory – those blueberry pancakes sound very good!

      If you make the Kale salad, try it with less Kale than I suggested in my recipe – I just made some the other day and noticed that I probably do not use 6 to 8 large leaves, it is probably more like 4 or 5 large leaves. And, the key is really to chop up the Kale into skinny pieces, almost confetti like even. If you do that, then the Kale ends up just kind of sticking to the romaine lettuce, it is easier to eat Kale this way.

      Let me know what you think about the salad.

      Much love,

  2. Sally April 20, 2010 at 7:13 PM #

    I meant to say I’m praying that the scans are clear or whatever healthy ones are like, proving the cancer is past tense. This is all going to be only a memory.

    • cancerfree2b April 21, 2010 at 10:43 AM #

      Dear Aunt Sally,

      Thank you for your extra prayers. I need it. I am still waiting for results. And, yes, looking for clear scans.

      Much love,


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