Latest with the Rock Star . . .

9 Apr

Yesterday I saw my oncologist up at UCLA. She is pretty known for her work. There are some of her patients (myself included) who affectionately refer to her as “the rock star”. I didn’t start it, but, I keep it going.

She had a doctor from Canada shadowing her. He came into the exam room with her (asked me for permission to come in – which was fine with me). My doctor told him to take a seat and he said that he was fine standing. She insisted that he take a seat and explained that “if you stand, it makes patients feel like you are rushed and don’t have time for them” . . . Sit!”

I don’t think I have ever seen a female doctor tell a male doctor what to do.

The appointment went as I expected it. I will have another scan next week

I have been having a pretty persistent headache and naturally it worries me. I knew that if I told her I was having headaches that she would scan me earlier than planned. So, next week I will get another scan. Please say prayers on that.

UCLA’s oncology department is located in Santa Monica. So, I decided to make the most of the trip up there. It was a beautiful day. I walked for a few hours I would guess. My feet and legs are sore for it today, but, it was good for me. I am now very familiar with the section between Ocean Blvd to 9th Street and Montana Blvd. to Santa Monica Blvd.

I drove up about three hours before my appointment, walked around, had lunch. Then I stayed after my appointment for a couple of hours to miss traffic – more walking, dinner.

Pretty sore today though. Next time I need to rethink the shoes . . .

Please continue saying prayers for me, I greatly appreciate it.

Much love,


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