Feeling better . . .

18 Mar

(Note: I started this post on Wednesday evening and now it is Thursday morning – got sidetracked by the Daily Show).

Well, it has been a pretty exhausting month. So much has been going on and my head has been spinning from it all. It has been as if everyday just seemed to come at me and I have not been able to get ahead of it or think straight. But, I am feeling better this evening. Today was the first day off in a long time – I did not have any medical appointments or treatments.

I was able to tend to a few things that needed tending and mostly, just did not have to go anywhere. Well, okay, I did go and get blood work done (and did find out how much better the other people at the facility are at drawing blood – oh well, next time I will make sure I don’t let the gal that did it today anywhere near me. I saw that she was not using the extra thin needle that others use and yet I let her do it, I don’t know why I did not stick up for myself, maybe I was just too tired. I will do better next time).

I still do not have test results.

Tomorrow I will see my surgeon for what was supposed to be a pre-op appointment. I have decided to postpone my surgery a bit. I will be talking to my surgeon about it. I will write more about this soon.

My poor Mom stayed nearly a week straight with me (It was wonderful to have her here with me. But, I know it has been hard for her . . . and for my Dad too. This past week was unusually difficult – so many medical things. It really feels like it has been a month instead of a week. But, it will get better and I am so blessed to have my parents, so incredibly blessed.

Well, it is late/early now, so I had better get to bed. This is what happens when I am alone – I stay up way too late. I will endeavor to do better on the sleep front.

Thank you for your continued prayers 🙂



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