Sunday . . .

14 Mar

Today is an improvement over yesterday. So, that is good. Still, just don’t feel so hot, but improving.

There is so much to do before my surgery on March 29th. I am pretty overwhelmed. I have multiple things (tests, doctor appointments etc.) scheduled pretty much everyday. I think the latter part of the week before surgery is more clear – and hopefully it will remain that way. 🙂

Tomorrow I may be getting results from the tests/exams from last week. I was told either Monday or Tuesday.

Today I have to complete a genetic history for a genetic counseling test I will be having on the 22nd – they will go over my history with me and do the Braca 1 and 2 test for breast cancer.

I know women with breast cancer who have tested positive for this test and women who have breast cancer who have not tested positive for braca 1 and 2. But, I need to know for my niece’s sake (and for my brothers’ sake too as men can get this disease) and also for my own (I found out recently that women who are braca 1 and 2 positive have a 40 to 50 percent increased risk of developing ovarian cancer). So, I need to know.

We had some excitement this afternoon – my Dad and I were walking our respective dogs and we had a run in with two, very large, doberman dogs. The dogs were just running lose. They were huge. The owner came after the dogs, but neither dog had a collar on and the owner could barely control one of these dogs, let alone two. So one of the dobermans came right up onto me and my dog – after first going for my parents’ dog (very small dog – a Morky – half Maltese and half Yorkie). It all worked out, but, it was a little intimidating to say the least. The dog was so big.

Well, it was a lively walk 🙂

Please continue to keep me in your prayers. I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

Love and peace,


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