A Very Slow Monday

22 Feb

I am pretty achy today. Probably because I did a lot this weekend. It was a good weekend, but I pushed the limits a bit. Friday I stayed in, but it was a long day of running around (or so I seem to remember it was). Saturday I had brunch with some friends and then Saturday night dinner and dancing (yep, dancing) with a couple of girlfriends of mine. It wasn’t a late night – I was home before 10:00 pm. Still, I would say we danced for an hour straight – it was a good band and it was fun and since they (the band didn’t take a break) we didn’t either. Besides, there was no place to sit down. It was definitely more than I have done in a day, but it felt good to be doing it. And, I tried to incorporate some of my physical therapy exercises into the dancing – so I am sure I made a fool of myself, but I don’t care. (Pictures were taken, so when I get them, I will post them – assuming I don’t look too ridiculous).

Sunday, I drove down (I was a passenger, that is) to San Diego to celebrate my brother Steve’s birthday. Unfortunately, my Mom was not able to join us as she has been a bit under the weather (a cold we think). I am glad to report that she feels much better today.

So Sunday was a long day, the drive, being with a lot of people (not just any people, mind you – my family, which was wonderful). But, still it is exhausting to be “on” for such a prolonged period of time, if that makes any sense. I prefer it – being with family and friends than days alone. But, I do still tire quite easily and well, a lot of the time I am pretty uncomfortable. But, the discomfort will come to an end (I am told) after I get though these surgeries.

I am glad to be able to do more than I could before, that is so encouraging. But, I do have a tendency to over do it a little bit. It is just that on those days or weekends when I feel up to doing things, well then I really, really want to do them. Especially when I know I have another treatment coming up (beginning of March) and that will knock me down for a bit. Then, surgery only about two weeks or less after my next treatment. So, I guess I want to make the most of these days – do things while I can and get as strong as I can before my next  surgery.

I don’t even want to think about the surgery right now, kinda scary. But, it is what it is.

Instead, I will think about today and tomorrow and the things I need to get done, things that have piled up as they always do when I am not feeling so hot and just can’t attend to the basic tasks.

So, nothing incredible to report today. I will post some video of my Dad playing the piano from yesterday (at Steve’s house). My Dad played a great rendition of one of his own originals called Dukie’s Rag. He wrote it for my Mom a few years back. It is a great piece of music, fun, upbeat – well, it is after all, about my Mom 🙂

I will post it soon.

I don’t know where my day went, I just know I woke up and was too sore to do much of anything, and now the day is mostly over. Well, that’s the way it goes sometimes. It was a great weekend though and I am sure I will feel better very soon. Of course, tomorrow, I see Dana the torturer, I am a little scared . . . 🙂 But, mostly, I am looking forward to our physical therapy session.

Thank you to those of you who are following my blog. I so appreciate it. To see that people are following my progress, well, it really does my spirit good and, I know that it is part of my making progress – the support I get from you. So please feel free to contact me, send me a note or comment on here if you like. It is all so helpful.

Please keep up the prayers,

Love and Peace,


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