Herceptin weekend ended well . . .

15 Feb

Friday was my Herceptin Treatment – of which I only have a few more left YAY! 🙂

This weekend my parents stayed with me (from Thursday through Sunday morning) taking me to my Herceptin treatment on Friday and then taking care of me through the worst of the Herceptin aftermath.

I never noticed that the Herceptin caused any side effects before as I was always either getting it during chemotherapy, post surgery or during radiation. And, I just was not able to distinguish the feeling sick and weak from the other treatments. But, now that I have completed the chemo and radiation and have recovered from those treatments, the Herceptin weekends stand out for certain. It is nothing compared to a chemo + Herceptin weekend, but it isn’t a lot of fun. In any case, it is only temporary and I got through one more this past weekend with the amazing help of my parents.

During the past two Herceptin treatments I was alone and just thought I was having a really bad flu. But, being alone, I didn’t eat and the recovery was much longer. However, thanks to my parents staying with me and looking after me and making sure I ate, I recovered in record time – even in time to have a Valentine’s Day. I had a wonderful day and evening on Sunday. Sunday during the day I had brunch with my parents and brother Paul, his wife Marcella and their boy. With the weather being so nice, we ate outdoors. It was really a great day. Then in the evening, after a bit of rest, I went out (as in at night)!!! I haven’t had much energy for that until just recently. Anyway, I had a wonderful evening with a very special friend and hearing live music, dancing a little (but mostly, watching the real dancers dance to a live swing band – in fact, one of my friends is the bass player for this band). It was just a very special Valentine’s Day. And, if you’ve read a couple of posts back, you’ll know that last year’s was not so easy.

I guess anything would be an improvement over last year. But, this past Sunday was a very special day for me. So thank you for everyone who I got to see and spend time with – you made it such a wonderful day and night). And, of course, without my parents having been here since Thursday, I wouldn’t have even been up to doing really anything on Sunday – they take far better care of me than I am able to myself post Herceptin.

I have a couple of doctor’s appointments this week and more physical therapy – see, it still is like a full time job 🙂 I have an appointment with my surgeon (it is just a follow up type of thing from my last surgery) and then on Wednesday I see my radiation oncologist for the first time after completing radiation treatment this past December, 22nd. Again, another follow up to see how I am doing.

Well, that is it for now. Please continue to keep me in your prayers and to send positive thoughts out my way. And, always feel free to leave me a comment on here or to drop me a line. It does me a lot of good to hear from friends.

Peace and Love,


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