Rainy Weather, Surgery in March

5 Feb

It is really rainy here today. My dog Molly refuses to go out for a walk, well, can you blame her? But, at some point she is going to have to go on that walk. Her mistress insists.

So yesterday went well. I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon and everything looks good – to her, that is 🙂  My skin has healed very well from the radiation – there is no redness or discoloration at all. Some women end up with permanent tanned or red areas. I am convinced that the cream I was recommended to use has something to do with this healing. It was not suggested by anyone in the radiation department where I was getting my treatment – but, instead, by my then primary care physician. It is a cream called Calendula cream (Calendula is a type of marigold flower). Anyway, it has been used for it’s skin healing properties (for burns, rashes all kinds of stuff) for centuries. So, under the advice of my PCP doctor, I tried it out. It was amazing, it helped so much with the pain and irritation of the radiation treatments. Sadly, this wonderful doctor no longer accepts HMOs, so I lost her. But, she is/was excellent.

Anyway, even though my skin appears healed – I still use it, what the heck. There is probably damage to my skin that I can not see, so I figure keep on using it.

I have a tentative surgery date for March 22nd. That seems so soon and I am still just now doing physical therapy from the last surgery. But, it is my lot and what I must do. The sooner I get it over with the better I guess. Supposedly the healing time from this surgery will be much quicker. I certainly hope so. I have to get my arms &  shoulders in better shape before I have the surgery in March. So I am in physical therapy three days a week now for that.

It is helping a great deal. I also have exercises that I am supposed to do in between treatments (mostly stretches). It is making a difference. It is just frustrating to be so limited. There is quite a difference between my left and right shoulders. The left is coming along really well. But, my right one is really locked up. For example, I can raise my left arm up almost completely over my head (not quite there yet, but pretty far) but, my right arm I can not do that at all.

From a playing the bass standpoint, I am glad it is my right shoulder that is the worse one and not my left – because the left one is the one that has to reach up the full length of my bass and the right arm is the one that plays down low, so I think I can at least still play the bass – even if I can’t yet open a jar of peanut butter or unscrew a water bottle by myself 🙂 Funny – but, I certainly get a lot more joy out of playing the bass than opening up jars, so I guess if that is the way it is for now, then so be it. It will get better and I will work hard to make the physical improvement fast.

I got a call from the Lance Armstrong Foundation yesterday – they have some support services available (hopefully some that are financial in nature) that I inquired about. Unfortunately, when the gentleman called I was on my way out to my doctor’s appointment. But, hopefully we will be able to talk today. I have contacted so many organizations and most don’t call or email you back. Even Susan G. Komen’s foundation – the arm of it that provides financial support to breast cancer patients – I have called their New York office multiple times (which is where you have to call for that arm of their services) and never a call back. Very disappointing.

Oh well, so far I am impressed with Lance Armstrong’s Foundation – at least they call you back. So hopefully they can be of some help.

Well, I am off to my physical therapy appointment!

Thank you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts,


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