Sleep is a beautiful thing!

4 Feb

Last night I slept for the longest stretch in months – over four hours, maybe closer to five – yippeee! I can really feel the difference. I would love to get 6 or 7 or really, 8 hours! But, last night was a definite breakthrough in that I was not waking up every 1/2 hour or hour. Up until last night, the most sleep I was able to get in one stretch was three hours. Not so great.

Anyway, I am still pretty darn tired, but, wow it was nice to sleep for such a long stretch. And, I presume it will just keep getting better that way as I adjust to the new medication.

I do still feel kind of a surge of energy (or a feeling of having just had way too much caffeine) after I take the Tamoxifen at night, so it makes me a bit restless. But, that seems to wear off and I ultimately do get to sleep. It sounds as if i should consider taking Tamoxifen in the am instead of the pm. But, it causes some other symptoms that I do not think I would want to deal with during the day – eg., nausea, dizziness.

But, I’ll have to see as these symptoms seem to be lessening. So we shall see. I just have to keep taking it, increasing the dose gradually until I get to the 20 mg dose. So far this method (of starting out at 5 mg for a few weeks and then increasing to 10 mg – that is where I am at right now – and I will then continue to increase it by 5 mg until I reach the 20 mg dose I am supposed to take) seems to be working a lot better than just taking the 20 mg all at once – that was awful. I was pretty sick from one 20 mg pill in just an hour or so after taking it.

Now, however, by taking these lower levels and gradually increasing the dose, my body seems to be adjusting to it. It makes sense. Hopefully, as I build up to the 20 mg dose, my body will continue to adapt and I will continue to get sleep at night 🙂

We’ll see. Oh, and isn’t this stuff exciting? I probably should find something else to write about or no one is ever going to read this thing 🙂

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