3 Feb

On the Tamoxifen front, I seem to be adjusting to the increased dose (I started at 5 mg, am now at 10 mg, where I intend to stay for probably 1 1/2 to 2 weeks). I felt definite increased side effects the first three nights I took the increased dose. But, I think I am adjusting to it now. I do have a little bit of nausea, but not too bad. One of the big side effects that I hear women complaining of the most is hot flashes and weight gain.

I do have the occasional warm feeling, but the weight gain, I don’t see it. And, it isn’t on the list of side effects for the drug – instead, one of the possible side effects is loss of appetite. I would have to echo that one. I am still losing weight and I do not need or want to lose any more! In fact, I would be quite pleased to add a few pounds in the next week or so if I can. But, it is a struggle to eat enough in one day. I am working on it. The thing is I eat a low fat diet (and I am supposed to for my health, reduces the risk of recurrence of cancer, for example, as does exercise). So, keeping with the low fat diet and filling up so quickly, well, it doesn’t bode to well for me in terms of trying to put on a pound or two. I am not too skinny, I am in a healthy range (but at the lower end of it for my height etc.).

And, I just don’t want to lose anymore weight. And, it is not like I can just go have a chocolate milkshake everyday (that’d be an easy way to add a 1,000 calories or more in a day) 🙂

But, it’s just not part of what I can eat. So, there’s no short term, quick fix solution here. I just have to find a way to eat more each day. I do want to and need to gain some weight before my next surgery, so I will be doing my best to do that.

Well, wish me luck 🙂


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