Monday: Physical Therapy & Not Much Sleep

2 Feb

Last week I started (finally) getting physical therapy for both shoulders and arms. I have what is called a “frozen shoulder” (right shoulder) and just limited range of movement with my left shoulder. I have had three sessions so far (and I do exercises in between the sessions). The sessions are Mon, Wed and Fri. Today’s session was brutal – I had a male therapist – my regular PT – Jill – was late today and so when I got there she was already behind with patients and so the only way to be seen was to be seen by John (John-the-masochist). I thought he was going to break my arm. Anyway, I will have Jill back the next time (I’m going to call to make certain of that).

The left arm/shoulder have greatly improved since I started physical therapy just last week (I can’t say about today’s session yet – he was so rough on me and it caused so much pain, that I just don’t know if it will be part of the improvement or if it will instead be a set back. But, as I said, I will NOT be going back to him).

After the first two treatments with Jill, I felt a dramatic improvement in my left arm and some improvement with my right shoulder – the “frozen” one.  The right shoulder is a bit more problematic and is what limits me the most physically. I am told it can take about a year to “fix” a frozen shoulder?!! This was what one of the physical therapists told me. I think I will ask an orthopedic doctor the same question, as I can not imagine this taking a year (plus – it is a year that will be interrupted by two surgeries). Not good. Well, I am not accepting that it will take a year to fix this problem. I will work hard and do everything the physical therapists tell me and more.

It simply has to be fixable in less time (I am far too impatient).

On the insomnia or lack of sleep front – tonight I slept from about midnight to 3:00 am and have been up ever since. I often wake up within an hour of going to bed, so this was an improvement – to get three hours in a row. I just need to somehow get it up to 6 hours and then maybe 8 hours in a row. It is now 6:00 am and I am going back to bed. I hope to sleep for a few hours at least – that is if my dog cooperates and doesn’t need to be walked in an hour. 🙂

Well, goodnight or good morning 🙂


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