1/4 of the way done with radiation!

18 Nov

Hello All,

It is a little after 4:00 am on Wednesday morning. No, I am not an early riser this morning (although prior to radiation – I really was). I just haven’t gone to sleep yet. This is radiation – it messes with your clock.

Anyway, I am awake and so I wanted to write a few lines here.

First of all, thank you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts as I know this makes a difference in my recovery. Second, I am now officially 1/4th of the way through my radiation treatment! There are 28 treatments in all, and I have – as of yesterday (Tuesday) completed 7 of those treatments. Now I am no math genious, but that’s 25% done! I am thrilled. 

I am, admittedly, a little scared too. The first part is supposed to be the easier part of the radiation treatment and then it’s cumulative effects cause more pain and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I am NOT going to let that possibility rob me of the relief I feel to be 1/4th of the way through radiation.

Besides, I am choosing, choosing, choosing, choosing, choosing NOT to have horrible side effects from the treatment. And, if it does get worse in that department, so be it, I will get through that too.

So, with at little bit of fear, I go back there tomorrow for my 8th treatment. But, I am also celebrating having so much behind me.

And, one last thing, I still have not returned calls and so I am still very sorry and a bit embarrassed. I will, I promise, as soon as I can. My hours are really weird right now and so that is why. Please know it is nothing personal and that I am so appreciative of your support. I seriously doubt anyone wants me to call them at 1, 2, 3 or 4:00 am. Yet, lately that is about the time I seem to be awake, coherent maybe? I don’t know about the coherent part, you be the judge, reading my ramblings here.

Thank you for your prayers and your positive thoughts, please keep them coming my way!

So good night and  . . . good morning.

I am going to sleep until the last minute that I need to wake up and get ready for radiation tomorrow. That should still give me about 4 1/2 hours 🙂 Woo-hoo!

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