Second week of radiation starts tomorrow . . .

16 Nov

Hello all,

Well, I feel much better today than I did Friday, that is for certain. I think so much of the anxiety I feel (when I feel it) comes from the unknown. And last week was definitely a week of unchartered waters.

But, on the upside, I have one week behind me and about four and a half more to go. The weekend did have some restorative effect for me and I am hoping each weekend will provide the opportunity to recover from the week. Still, there is unknown. But, Saturday I hit a turning point, I think, with respect to the radiation treatment. I know the drill now. I know it is painful (not during the treatments necessarily, but afterwards). I know that for most women the discomfort and pain increases, over time, due to the cumulative (and intended cumulative) effect of radiation treatment.

But, some women get through the treatments more easily than others. And, attitude DOES make a big difference. So, like I said in my previous posting, I am choosing to get through the radiation treatment feeling as well as I possibly can. I plan on getting through it well.

I am excited about upcoming work (my busy season will begin soon) and I am a little leery about it at the same time. But, this is no different than my feelings about my busy season every year – it is just that this year it had cancer in it. I will simply do what I did when I was going through chemo – take fewer clients and be selective in those clients that I do take.

I really would like to change the name of my blog to cancerfree, instead of cancerfree2b. But, I will just look at it (the blog name) this way now: cancerfree2b – meaning to be, as in forever. I pray for that and know that others are praying for that too. Your prayers are so appreciated.

I did a small amount of work this weekend (very small) and mostly spent my time trying to relax and get the equipment and machines from the radiation treatments out of my head.

And, I blogged a little too (obviously) 🙂

I also finally had the energy to check my voice mail on my cell phone. I want to thank you for calling me, it means a lot, so much, even though I can’t always call back as quickly as I would like. I apologize to everyone for not calling back this week. But, it was just a really draining time. So please forgive me for not calling, but know that your calls mean a lot to me and do me a great deal of good.

Well, I should be sleeping. So I am off to go do that now. 🙂

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