Hair, eyelashes and eyebrows . . .

11 Nov

Enough of this talk about the radiation treatments (I am even boring myself).

For those of you that have not seen me in a while (and that is pretty much everyone), I should let you know that I am no longer bald and actually have a head of hair. It is not long, but it looks like a hair cut someone would choose (not this someone, mind you). But, it does look like a chosen hair style – sort of like Jaimie Lee Curtis (except not a silvery color). My eyebrows are back completely – although I never completely lost my eyebrows. And, my eyelashes are back as well. Thicker I think, but still growing (not quite as long as I remember them to be before the chemo).

The hair on my head started growing back after my fourth chemo. I am not sure why. But from what I understand it sometimes happens that way. Just like some women never lose their hair. Although, I am told with one of the chemo drugs that I had, you pretty much always lose your hair. I never really lost all of my hair on my head, but since I couldn’t stand it falling out all over the place, I buzzed it all off. So after I did that I noticed that right away it started to come back through in some places (so I guess if I had left it alone i would have had some hair, but it did not appeal to me to run around with bald spots, no thanks). Bald was far better. And, it really did not bother me to go out without a hat or scarf (except for the sun – that I could not do – have the summer sun on my bald head). I found it kind of empowering to go out bald. I rarely got a weird look from anyone and I just chose to smile at people and they pretty much always smiled back.

I will have to get some pictures up here of how I look now. Maybe I can do that over the weekend.

I still haven’t decided what to do about work. As I have  no idea how I will react to the radiation treatment, I don’t know what I will be able to do client wise. But, the radiation treatments will be over before the end of the year (assuming everything goes as planned). So that would mean I could go about business as usual (and in case you haven’t noticed – I have not, nor do I intend to make mention of the kind of work I do here on my blog – so please help me out and do not mention it either – the last thing I need is for my competitors – some of whom are not very nice people – using the fact that I HAD cancer to their advantage). And, I am sad to say that there are a few competitors out there who would do just that – disgusting as that is.

I have made some revisions to my business so that I can have a lot more flexibility – something I have been meaning to do for a long time. And, if I can stay awake long enough to work on it :), I will finish a book that I have been trying to get done for some time.  Otherwise, I am not sure what all I will be doing. But, I definitely plan on continuing to work. Just probably a scaled down version of things.

Well, it has probably been enough for one night/morning.

Please, please, please keep praying for me.

Thank you 🙂

Love, Lisa

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